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Everyone at some point in their life will experience joy, happiness, peace, as well as disappointment, pain, rejection and possible trauma. Your experiences impact you emotionally, physically and spiritually making it difficult to determine how to maintain the momentum to thrive or let go of those things that do not have value. Alicia Dalton and Sharon Lawrence will take you on a journey about their lives. You will see that some of their experiences regarding forgiveness, pain and rejection are not so different from yours. They will provide insight as well as emotional and spiritual support for your journey in order to forgive, let go and move forward towards wholeness. Join them on a journey of healing!

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5 thoughts on “Products/Services

  1. I love your blog! It makes me want to travel around the world tasting coffee (and muffins and sweet cakes :).


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  3. This is awesome blog. I’m always on a coffee date so I will be checking out some of these places. Is there a away to “follow” you. I’m always posting about coffee. Want to should you out. Let me know.

    Thanks for sharing!


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