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Murky Coffee……….Missing you again…:(

Murky Coffee: Reopened in Arlington VA

As soon as I learned Murky reopened their doors in Arlington VA, I grabbed my purse and dashed out of the door for some of this good ‘ole coffee.  With eager anticipation “again” I approached the counter where the cashier was waiting to happily take my order. The decor: different from the DC location in terms of seating, decorations, etc. was slightly more modern.  It looked more like a chain coffee spot but still inviting nonetheless.   I ordered my usual, a triple shot latte with one shot of white mocha.  My husband and I sat outside to enjoy the new spot. The coffee was divine! It was perfect! It was delicious.  It was grand! We visited there a few more times only to find out that this location closed too.  My heart was simply broken yet again.  This was just too sad.  Have you been there?  Do you know what I mean?  How I feel?