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Vigilante-Hyattsville MD


I just have two words….Yum-my! My girls and I just shared an amazing Acai Bowl. It was simply delish! Topped with Sweetsations O Gracious Granola. So worth the trip. You can learn more about Sweetsations at: My Etsy shop!

Happy Javadays!



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BeanRushCafe~Roaster-Baker-Sandwich Maker~

Crownsville, Maryland

The Bean Rush Cafe is a hidden jewel in Crownsville, MD.  I would describe it as not only a hidden jewel, but also an unassuming treasure. This coffee and teahouse has a lot to offer.  The menu has sandwiches, soups, salads, pastries, AND Oh Yes…Coffee!  I had the pleasure of partaking in the Honey Bee Latte (lightly sweeten) and LET me tell you it was remarkably delicious.  It had a very smooth taste and it didn’t come with the bitter finish that some espresso drinks have.  I also had the Soup and Sandwich Combo-Tuna Sandwich on wheat and Turkey Chili (Yumo!)

The BeanRushCafe staff presented as very polite, patient and knowledgeable of the menu items.  It’s warm and inviting atmosphere will bring me back to this “Hometown” establishment.  The proprietors have it right in terms of customer service, menu items and of course good ole’ espresso! Check it out!

Coffee Love,


Marty’s Market Pittsburgh PA~ Strip District

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Marty’s Market~

Pittsburgh PA~ Strip District

During our Annual Family Reunion In May 2013, we had the opportunity to visit the Strip District of Pittsburgh PA. Personally, I went there in search of a good ‘ole espresso drink.  Well, I found that and a lot more! Marty’s Market.

This Market is an incredible venue. I am sure the locals enjoy this meeting place, but it is certainly a destination for visitors.  The “Farm Fresh” Cafe offers great tasting, locally inspired foods that are uniquely pleasing to the palate. The market offers, fresh organic produce, a wide variety of spices, dairy and other pantry staples.  The coffee bar is one of the best I have ever visited. They serve single origin coffee, loose teas and a few pastries. I ordered the Honey Cardamom Latte. This latte was Nothing Like I Had EVER tasted.  It was terrific. So smooth, lightly sweeten and the cardamom takes the experience to another level. I enjoyed it so much that I went back the next day.

Great Service, Great Food, and GREAT COFFEE!