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Aromas World: Espresso, Sandwiches, Soups and Pastries

Aromas world picThis bustling coffee house is conveniently located in New Port News-Center City. Very nicely decorated with an Old World décor. Aromas is a nice spot to relax or hang out with family and friends. That is however, after you finally have the opportunity to place and receive your order!

The service was poor and extremely slow. The cashier was rude and uninviting. The Barrista clearly enjoyed his job but appeared overwhelmed with orders. He had NO HELP! We waited more than 20 minutes for three of our beverages. My husband had the pumpkin cheesecake latte. It was way too sweet. My daughters had the Apple Pie and European Steamers. While very tasty, they were too hot. I asked (multiple times) for the steamers to be mildly warmed, as they were “kid” drinks. My fix: Ice, to make them safe for my babies to drink. My son had a peppermint tea. Can’t mess that up so he was fine. Now, I had a lightly sweetened “Honey Do” Latte. It was pretty good but not something I would order again.

Honestly, even though our wait was long and our drinks not up to par, we had a good time with the Fam! I enjoyed that more than anything!

Momma and Dia

If you are in the area and need a nice large place to meet friends/family, check them out. Perhaps you will receive better service than we did:(

Yours in Coffee,