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Vigilante – Hyattsville MD






It is a beautiful Saturday morning. Hanging out with the “Fam” at Vigilante. We enjoyed cold coffee brews with a splash of simple syrup and cream, peach blossom iced tea, hibiscus iced tea and assorted scones! Unfortunately, we missed the Sumatra Whiskey brew again but maybe next time.

As always Chris’ team displayed awesome customer service. 
Treat yourself and visit Vigilante. You will quickly became a fan!

Java Love,


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City Dock Coffee ~Downtown: Annapolis MD

City Dock


City Dock is a cozy and friendly establishment in downtown Annapolis, MD. It was evident from the moment I walked in City Dock that therein lies a seriousness when it comes to coffee, tea and it’s customers. I have to say that the cashier was one of the friendliest around. He carefully went through the menu and explained all of the drinks that I had questions about. After this tutorial on “ All things City Docks” I carefully placed my order.

I had a lightly sweetened Iced Almond Joy and a Strawberry Scone. As I sat down in this cozy coffee house I quickly noticed the barista behind the scenes. This young lady was completely focused of what makes a good cup of espresso! I watched her as she made many drinks and she never took her eyes off the prize! I am convinced that her careful attention to detail is what makes the City Dock House one of the best.

My drink was perfect in every way! Not too Sweet. Smooth. Creamy.   I enjoyed every bit. The Scone was extremely moist and also lightly sweetened. It was one of the best coffee experiences that I have encountered.

Do yourself a favor. Stop by City Dock. It will be worth the trip.

Espresso Yo Self,