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The Roasted Boon ~ Washington, DC

This New Eritrean-Owned Coffee Shop opened in July 2020 in the Shaw neighborhood on the northwest side of DC; just months after COVID-19 reared its ugly head in the US. This must have been a challenge but they seem to be working through the ups and downs of this pandemic. I had the opportunity to visit this coffee house today and was very pleased with my Iced Oat milk Latte. If you have been following me for any length of time you know I love this drink. And the fact that they roast the beans in house is a win-win for me. But this latte had a unique depth about it. It was rich, earthy and subtly sweet with subtle notes of dark chocolate. On my next visit I plan to try their signature beverage: The Shaw Latte; which is made with French vanilla syrup and nutmeg. Lightly sweetened for me please! They also serve a variety of pastries, frappes, smoothies and wine too.

Besides my love for coffee and supporting local shops; I must admit the name intrigued me. Boon? Not bean? It’s not a typo my friends. A “boon” is a traditional coffee-making ceremony in Eritrea. It is performed for events such as a birth, death, when having over special guests, or just to pass the time away. Now, I really like the play on words and the logo which has two coffee beans in place of the o’s in boon.

With adequate “social distancing” seating (inside and out), I look forward to visiting this shop again during the warmer weather. This is truly a place that I would frequent often if I lived close by. Are you in the DC or planning a visit? Check out this gem located nicely in the Shaw neighborhood.

Coffee love,



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Getting caffeinated during the Coronavirus pandemic

There is no question that this pandemic has disrupted our day to day routine in a major way. Social distancing has arrested one of life’s simple pleasures. And that is sitting down to a good cup of joe in your favorite coffee house. Girlfriends meeting to catch up on the latest news while enjoying a latte has come to a halt. No more cofficing. No more leaving your office for that mid-afternoon #esspressotrip! Sigh!

Thankfully, some coffee establishments are coming up with new ways to keep their customers caffeinated. Zeke’s Coffee in Washington DC has made a way. Hallelujah! You can place your order over the phone and pick up your coffee on a table located at their front entrance. I’m loving it:)

This to shall pass…
My Oatmilk latte is on the table:ūüôā‚ėē

If you are in the DC area, visit Zeke’s Coffee Roasters. You can also order coffee beans online at

To all my coffee lovers out there, Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay hydrated and caffeinate responsibly.

Yours in coffee,



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Serindipity Jazz Coffee House ~Washington, DC




Today, my husband treated his girls to a pre Valentines Day breakfast at Serendipity Jazz Coffeehouse.¬†This warm and cozy house is located in the heart of the Brookland neighborhood in NE DC. The menu offerings are great! Serving up delicious food, coffee, pastries and more. We enjoyed the chicken and waffles and a breakfast sandwich. All very delicious. My husband and girls had the double mocha latte. Yes! I said it! My girls. They were both so excited and finished it down to the last drop! I, of course tasted their drinks and honestly it reminded me of a high end “Hot Chocolate.” So, if I were to order it I would definitely add a few extra shots of espresso:)

We look forward to visiting again for live Jazz and appetizers. If you are ever in North East DC, pay our new friends a visit. You will be glad you did. #SerendipityJazzCoffeehouse


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Happy New Year Coffee Lovers!

Recently, I had the opportunity to hang out with my family at Uprising Muffin Company (UMC). UMC is located in Washington DC: Shaw Neighborhood. ¬†It appears that UMC established this company on the basis of making fresh and tasty muffins. ¬†I can tell you they have completely met the mark and are living their motto: “offerings are simple, fresh & seriously delicious”. Now who can pass that up? I certainly can’t. I sampled the sweet potato, savory spinach tomato parmesan and the strawberry and cream cheese¬†muffins.¬†They were indeed delicious. But this is a coffee blog. Right? My Barista prepared a very delicious lightly sweetened Iced Vanilla Latte (with an extra shot of espresso of course).¬†It had the perfect blend of Stumptown espresso, house made simple syrup and cream. What a treat!

Looking forward to another visit. If you ever find yourself in the Washington, DC area do yourself a favor and go check out Uprising ( You will be glad you did!

Happy Coffee,


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Compass Coffee- Washington, DC

2015-07-03 19.51.37

Today my family and I visited Compass Coffee in the historic Shaw neighborhood in Washington, DC. It is clear that the proprietors of this establishment are serious about making good coffee. One distinguishing hint is that they roast their beans on-site in “The Lab”. Another good hint is that they choose their beans from various importers at the peak of freshness! This can only result into one thing…..”a real good cup of coffee!” How impressive is that???

Great customer service and a really good cup of coffee is what we received at C.C.! I had the Nutella Mocha- Iced and slightly sweetened. I seriously almost did a small dance when I took the first sip! Whoa, was it good. My husband had his new favorite, Nitro-slightly sweetened with caramel syrup. It had a very rich but smooth taste. We also had assorted cookies. My daughters said they were amazing:) Other interesting menu items are coffee cola, assorted teas and sandwiches.

If you live in or around DC or find yourself visiting, check out Compass Coffee ( where they are doing it good and right.

Coffee Love and Happy 4th of July,


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Vigilante Coffee Company: Hyattsville, MD


Quality and Superior Flavor describes my experience with Vigalante Coffee Company.  It was immediately clear that passion is the driving force behind what they do.  You may ask…What is Vigilante Coffee Company? What do they do?  What sets them apart?  Well, I’m glad you asked.

First, the coffee beans come direct from farmers. Secondly, they roast the coffee beans on site! Thirdly, they educate. The Baristas show great excitement while serving up the best cup of coffee. All of this equals¬†to¬†an Esspressotrip! Wouldn’t you agree?

Vigilante is a big ‚Äúwarehouse like‚ÄĚ space with garage doors, wooden beams and wooden tables. ¬†The open-rustic atmosphere is all one needs when the focus is roasting, brewing, and pouring over fresh coffee drinks.

As much as I love coffee, I had NEVER had a cold brewed coffee before! I know. It seems strange.  Well , the Barista convinced me that the rich taste would be like no other Iced coffee. He was right!  It was Strong and Bold…but yet smooth and velvety.

I am looking forward to my next visit to Vigilante.  If you are in the area, be sure to visit.  The proprietor  is doing it big and doing it right.

Vigilante coffeepic


For the Love of Beans,




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Pound the Hill: Washington, DC (Eastern Market)

My Nutella Latte

My Nutella Latte: Pound the Hill May 2014

I have been a customer of The Pound for several years now. I can recall my first coffee beverage, The Frozen Nutella Latte. I thought my life was changed forever!! I even created a Nutella Cheesecake in honor of this drink (but that is for a future blog). The latte was so good. It kept me coming back for more. Hot, Cold, Iced or Frozen, you will enjoy this one!

The staff is always pleasant and the service prompt. The atmosphere is tastefully rustic, with multiple seating options. While the menu has a lot to offer in terms of food, I have found that it was ‚Äújust ok‚ÄĚ. I asked my husband to meet me for lunch and unfortunately he was under whelmed by the portion sizes. ¬†However, he enjoyed his Nutella Latte:)

I like a coffee house that is serious about serving amazing coffee. This why  I became disappointed when there appeared to be a decline in service.  The coffee was less than great. Not consistent with what I had in the past.

Happily, a more recent visit proved to me that The Pound was back! I also love that the proprietors continue to¬†make¬†improvements. ¬†They recently announced that they will no longer close from 4:00 pm ‚Äď5:00 pm. ¬†That was a BUMMER!!!!

So, if you are ever in the Capital Hill/Eastern Market are in DC, you should check it out!

For the Love of Coffee,

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Ebenezer’s~ Coffee with a Cause

Ebenezer~ Coffee with a Cause~

Washington, DC


As a Christian and Human Services Provider I understand the mission of Ebenezer’s Coffee House.¬† They offer and sale Fair Trade Coffee to support producers in¬†developing countries¬†to make better trading conditions and promote¬†sustainability. According to their website they are owed and operated by the National Community Church and all proceeds go to their Outreach Programs.¬†Ebenezer offers a small variety of baked goods and devotional books for your edification.

I have visited this Coffee House on many occasions and find it to be one of the most consistent in terms of service and in products. I have ordered various iced and hot espresso drinks.  They have all been very good.  Most recently, I order the Toasted Marshmallow Latte (seasonal item).  It was so very delicious.  The flavor was bold but smooth.  It was very hot (unlike some coffee shops) and lightly sweetened.

Coffee with a Cause is all right with me!  Check them out: .  You will see that their products and service is superb!

Coffee Love,